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Ladder to Law programme 

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Ladder to Law programme 

Our social mobility programme, Ladder to Law was launched in 2010 with the purpose of providing an insight into law for school aged students attending schools outside the traditional London ‘City’ catchment area.  To mark the fifth anniversary of Ladder to Law, we are expanding our programme to include schools in Birmingham, Cambridgeshire and Leicester. Students from twelve schools will benefit from mentors, workshops run on our behalf by Rare Recruitment, educational trips and insight days, and work experience placements at Hogan Lovells.  Over time the programme will work with students from Year 9 to first year at university providing holistic support during this period of participants' development.

Our partner schools also have access to bespoke personal development workshops designed for students in Years 9 and 10. Ladder to Law follows the steps below:

Step One - Interactive workshop delivered in-school by the Ladder to Law team. The workshops are designed to help students realise that they already possess many of the skills needed to become a lawyer.

Step Two - An open day at Hogan Lovells for selected students from each school designed to provide a more detailed insight into what being a lawyer involves, and information on the path to becoming a lawyer.

Step Three - A select number of students from each of our twelve schools will have access to: 

-                      Educational trips and insight days;

-                      Developmental activities run by Rare and Hogan Lovells;

-                      Corporate case studies and mentoring;

-                      Advice and support for university applications;

-                      CV advice and interview practise;

-                      A one-week work experience placement at the end of Year 13.

 How to get involved

Due to limited capacity, we are unable to host any students or partner with additional schools outside of the twelve schools we currently work with.

If you are associated with another school, please refer to the PRIME Commitment website for further information on alternate school age initiatives and work experience placements throughout London   

If you are associated with one of our partner schools and would like further information on the Ladder to Law programme, please contact Michelle Ruddle, Recruitment Marketing Manager:

Email -

Tel - 020 7296 2383

Please note that we are not able to offer individual work experience placements to students outside the Ladder to Law programme.  


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