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Hogan Lovells Touch 

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Our matched giving campaign, Touch, is a fundraising commitment designed to advance the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals. Touch is an inclusive scheme which promotes employee engagement through a firmwide consultation.  We support a local not-for-profit in each of the countries where we work, as well as supporting an international not-for-profit on a global level.

Since the inception of Touch we have supported Save the Children, Pump Aid, Opportunity International, ORBIS, and Action Against Hunger, funding projects in Malawi, Zimbabwe, China, Indonesia, and other countries. In the London office we have additionally worked with Fairbridge, Thames21, ParalympicsGB,  Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, and we are currently working with London's Air Ambulance. In 2013 we raised over £310,000 for charity.

Hogan Lovells is currently working with Care International and their Lendwithcare microfinance programme until December 2015 to raise money to provide microloans to entrepreneurs in the Developing World.  Care International is a global charity that fights poverty and injustice in 86 countries through self-empowerment and humanitarian aid. In the poorest parts of the world it is almost impossible for small scale entrepreneurs to raise the investment they need to grow their businesses. Care believes that fair and effective financial services are central to addressing poverty and has seen that providing people with appropriate financial tools and training can have a transformative effect on their lives. Lendwithcare is a new and innovative way of helping poor people in developing countries escape poverty.

Our fundraising:

  • We will be providing loans for approximately 400 entrepreneurs.
  • These loans will support a further 2,000 people, such as the entrepreneurs' families, and create additional employment for up to 200 people. 
  • Once the loans are repaid, the funds will then be reinvested in the Lendwithcare program to recruit 2,700 new lenders and expand into four new countries, therefore benefiting a further 5,000 people in impoverished communities.

In total, our support for Lendwithcare will benefit over 7,500 people in 12 developing countries.

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